I have been hoping to have a chance to talk to you about the rooms and the two installers on your crew. They worked very hard and very steady throughout the 4 days this week. Honestly, I was impressed. We opened doors for them in the morning, checked back during the day once or twice, and came back at the end of the day to find the carpets done and the rooms arranged just as they should be. All that was left was for my housekeepers to straighten up a few items and make up the beds.

I told you when you first came to walk the job that we had been dissatisfied with other flooring vendors we had worked with. This time the process with Design Source Flooring was different. You listened to our concerns, worked within our budget constraints, worked and reworked multiple proposals involving at least 3 site visits, and installed the carpet with no drama. The two installers were polite and professional, even when my front desk goofed the block and your team had to be a little flexible on the sequence of rooms completed that day. I have too many stories to tell of vendors that created headaches for me and made my day or my project miserable. Your installers took the stress and headache out of this project and got the job done.

I would be very happy to work with you again on future flooring and to recommend you to other people looking for quality customer service, professional workmanship, and true value in the project. Way to go Design Source Flooring.

Greg Brinkerhoff
Marriott Hotel Corporation

I have been in the apartment industry for years and have worked with many different carpet vendors. When I took over this property in September 2014, I quickly realized the vendor they had been using for some time was not working out, so I decided to bid out the carpet replacements and asked DSF to bid. I could instantly see a difference in the companies.

The representative from DSF came in prepared and professional. He knew what he was bidding and gave us a competitive price. He brought in samples so that I could see what was new in the market and a good fit for apartment living. I took his advice and changed to a darker tri colored carpet. I’ve been so happy with the new carpet. With the previous company I was having difficulty getting the jobs completed in a timely manner and was losing money on vacancy. DSF will even provide next-day installs. Another relief is that I no longer have to worry about the job being completed correctly. I know the installers that DSF sends out will do the job correctly the first time.

Vonda Shane
Highland Ridge Apartments

We have been doing business with Design Source Flooring since 2011. Design Source Flooring takes care of the carpet/vinyl replacements within our lofts in downtown Kansas City. We have had the pleasure of working with Ryan Vogel, and I can’t say enough about Ryan and his team and the excellent customer service they provide. The response time to our calls, the quality of work and their competitive pricing have exceeded our expectations throughout the years.

We offer Design Source Flooring our highest compliments and are pleased to have such a great relationship with them in keeping our lofts looking fabulous with new flooring on all of our properties.

If you are thinking of making the change just do it, I am sure you will be satisfied!

Shelli Higerd
Regional Director of Property Management
Embassy Properties, Inc.

JCHC owns and operates roughly 160 housing units in the area and have been in business for over 20 years. We’ve used Design Source Flooring for the past several years and have been very pleased with the service, price and quality of the products provided. They’ve provided quick service to measure – often within 24 hours of the first call – and can do an install within 48 hours. Even better, the products provided are reasonably-priced and durable. DSF surpasses the competitors we’ve worked with in terms of service and quality.

Allan Quigley
Johnson County Housing Coalition

Construction Team,

I know you ask for feedback about our vendors and I would like to share some information with you about Design Source Flooring (DSF).

Yesterday, we had a resident that was allergic to carpet and had moved all their household goods outside so we could remove the carpet and wax the VTC Tiles. Upon doing so, it was found that the VTC tiles underneath were in bad condition and we did not have time to repair them all by the end of the day. The decision was made to vinyl the entire home. I called DSF at noon and asked if they could vinyl the entire home that day. DSF was the only company that could step up and help us out in a pinch. They worked past 7:00 last night to take care of this resident and I couldn’t thank them enough! The other vendors we contacted did not have enough product on hand, nor the man power available to complete the job the same day.

Today, we walked a rent ready home that is being shown on Monday. After having the carpets shampooed, there was an awful pet smell throughout the home and we had to make the decision to change out all the carpet.

Again, DSF was contacted and they immediately change their schedule to accommodate us and install the carpet so the home would be ready for the resident on Monday.

I just can’t say enough about the customer service we received from DSF. They are very professional and ready to meet our needs at any given time. DSF installs 80% of our carpet and vinyl at Southern Plains and could easily handle 100% of our Flooring requirements. These guys are Awesome!

Thank You,

Robin Levine, ARM
Neighborhood Manager
Picerne Military Housing

Design Source has been a great vendor for us to work with. DSF is always quick to come out to any one of our properties. Their team does great work and their account managers and sales reps are always willing to work with us.

Janna Maltese, CAM
Senior Community Manager
The Bluffs Apartment Homes